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Alamzeb's diabetic mother died in Nowshera

Alamzeb is 10 years old boy whose  father died in earthquake and his mother was the only bread winner which despite of her health used to earn for her children. They lived in small house in Nowshera. They were living hand to mouth condition and now after the disastrous flood Alamzeb has lost his mother. Alamzeb said.   

"My mother died. She was old couldn't climb to the third floor of the house" Alamzeb Nowshera, Pakistan

We never thought the waters would rise so high. I was away at my aunt's house in the Nowshera Cantonment area. When the waters overflowed the river, I got worried. My relatives said to wait until the tide ebbs, but it kept rising, and soon it was clear that my part of the city had drowned. My mother died. She was old and diabetic and couldn't climb to the third floor of the house to avoid drowning. My younger brother, who is only 12, tried to drag her up. She was washed away. We haven't found her body. My brother is traumatised.

Now we are waiting for the rescue team and relief items so we can have food and place to sleep. Me and my two brothers could nt sleep at night due to the fear of flood. We feel alone after our mother had passed away. She was all we have and now there is no one to look after us.

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