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Dr. Iftikhar, from Charsadda, has no access to his village

Dr. Iftikhar used to serve the humanity  in Charsadda as a doctor by holding free camps and visiting the poor villagers and providing them free medical facilities. During the devastated flood Mr. Iftikhar was in Charsadda. He saw the roads and houses swept away in water from his own eyes and he shared that:
"I am one of those 100,000 people who lost their whole property including houses, stuff and cattle. I am living in Peshawar, the capital of Khyber-Pakhtoon Khawa province but I've no access to my village."

There is no way out of Peshawar. All the roads are blocked and the bridges are down. I've never seen such an Armageddon in Pakistan. Only a few telephone lines are working. The electric supply has been completely disconnected for the last four days in Charsadda. Faraz Mahboob took this shot of a ruptured road

Prices of household stuff have risen by 200%. Now the 10ft of water has gone we are left with the mud, which is enough to stop people moving. Dead bodies are being recovered from the mud in streets. It may take several days to communicate what's happening in Peshawar to the rest of the country, especially what's happening in Charsadda, the most affected city.

I don't know when I will be able to see my native home and property. I may see nothing to be called a homeland. The motorway was temporarily opened by the army but there was a traffic jam for several hours. Due to the heat and humidity several fainted and two children died. I have no idea when I'll be able to see my relatives.
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"Please help us, it has been 14 days and we are compelled to reside in a broken tent on the embankment of this canal, there is no food, no clean drinking water and my only child is suffering from severe fever".


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