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Story of Parveen Babul

Women suffer more than men during  flood. In fact women and children are the worst sufferers during any natural calamity. Parveen Babul is a poor house wife trying to live and survive with her four small children. Her husband is a farmer and owned a small piece of land but now after the massive flood destruction she lost her house, cattle’s and also the land.
A flood-affected housewife of Charsadda described her sorrows and bitter experience: "Poor women like me have to wait all through the day and night for some food to feed our children. Usually we do not have any money to buy rice and no way to cook food ..." Parveen also added that sufferings increases day by day for the helpless women like her do not get enough succor.

The bitter truth is that in such distressing situation some of the poor girls/women are enticed by pimps. For those types of important reasons relief and rehabilitation facilities should be prioritized for women and children, especially those so helpless and distressed.

Now Parveen and her family are living in temporary shelter provided to them in relief items but the loss they had suffer their scar will remain in their lives forever. They have to build their home and property once again. They are lacking the basic health facilities and Parveen and her daughter fear at night and do not feel themselves secure.

Women, who are virtually household based workers, have to take responsibilities for protecting their houses, children, and other members of the family, livestock and belongings. Traditional gender specific work such as carrying water, cooking, caring for children and animals naturally become too difficult for them during flood. For lack of resources poor women face more problems than women belonging to middle class and rich households.

Bangladesh is one of the most disaster prone countries in the world. Only an efficient disaster prevention and management system can reduce human sufferings here. The disabled, elderly people, women and children should get special attention during flood.
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