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Story of Faiza bibi

Faiza, a mother of 2 and resident of district Muzaffar Garh, currently residing in an independent settlement near the area of Peer M. Mosa village looked lost, broken and shattered. She lost her family members in flood and was now staying with her ill husband and small children suffering from malnutrition. “We have lost everything in this flood, my family members, my home and other luggage” saying that the girl burst into tears.

“Life has totally changed for me, had I not had the responsibility of my children, I too would have preferred dieing with my drowning father, I saw him fighting against the rushing water while crossing the canal, and then soon his dead body was floating on the surface of the water, no body could help him out” wailed the grieving woman.

Due to being in a shock like situation, Faiza was unable to take care of her younger child; he was severely affected by the malnutrition, had underdeveloped and unhealthy legs and arms and a weak body. The poor child was being fed on cow milk and some biscuits provided by an NGO. “Even Cows has stopped giving the milk as we do not have anything to give them to eat. My wife is shattered due to the sad demise of her father and my younger child is severely ill” said Qaiser, the husband of Faiza.

Qaiser further told that “as we are residing in an independent settlement, NGOs and philanthropists less likely to come to us and inquire about our needs, we usually have to starve as the little food or milk we get is not even enough for our two small children” when offered with the food items, the man looked quite contended and thankful “thanks for helping the poor family of mine, like you have provided us with food, I wish someone would come and bring medicines for my child and my wife” wished the poor man while stating his other needs.

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"Please help us, it has been 14 days and we are compelled to reside in a broken tent on the embankment of this canal, there is no food, no clean drinking water and my only child is suffering from severe fever".


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