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Story of Naveeda Bibi

Naveeda Bibi and her family are among the unfortunate families which, due to the rising flood levels, after migrating from their villages, could neither get some room to reside in a school camp nor were they provided with some tent by the relief organizations. She was living a peaceful life with nominal income resources with her family and 3 children in a small mud house.

After the flood affected the different areas of Pakistan her husband while escaping lost his one leg and in now handicap. When the staff of GPP visited them, they were helpless and residing under the open sky. “At the night time a family allows us to sleep in their tent, which we have to vacate as soon as we get up in the morning” Naveeda bibi told the staff.

“You can see our whole luggage along with utensils that we could bring with us is lying here under the open sky. As we do not have tent in this camp, we are not being registered in the camp either by the authorities, and hence they do not provide us when it is about food distribution. They are constantly asking us to move out. The only thing we have in the name of meal is some tea along with biscuits.”

“My children constantly ask for the food. How could I tell them that I don’t have it? They start crying when they see others eating something, but my husband does not have enough money to arrange for the food” said the girls with wet eyes and trembling lips.

The team of GPP helped the woman in arranging a tent for her and provided with the food items, “You people have proved to be real saviors for us, now every time we would sit in the shadow of this tent and every time my children would have a meal I would remember you. I don’t have enough words to thank you; I can only give you prayers” said the woman with gratitude.

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"Please help us, it has been 14 days and we are compelled to reside in a broken tent on the embankment of this canal, there is no food, no clean drinking water and my only child is suffering from severe fever".


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