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Story of Nazeeran Bibi

Nazeeran Bibi, forty-five years old Resident of Kotla Qazi, UC Nasheb Lohanch District Layyah is residing in a govt. established camp near Layyah city. Nazeeran, after the death of her husband, is the sole bread earner of her family of 4 members, which is, including her, comprises of a 02 years old daughter, and two sons of 03 and 04 years of ages respectively.

Though the flood water didn’t hit the village of Nazeeran bibi, but paying heed to the early warnings, for the safety of her children she took the decision to move out to some safer place. While leaving her home, Nazeeran could only take a couple of cots and some clothes of her children with her. Since Nazeeran used to work on the farm land of the local landlords, she only had some rice and flour in the name of savings and literally no cash with her which could serve her in the times of needs.

“Whatever little I had has already been spent within the first 3 days when we moved in here. My daughter is ill and I don’t have money to purchase medicines for her. The medical camp established by the Government in this camp does not have the medicines which the doctors have prescribed for my daughter, to have some cash I went to the house of my Landlord in the city, but his servant told that owing to the flood threats he has moved out of the city with his family for few days” shared the grieved woman.

Upon the question about how does she fulfill the food needs of her family she said “Recently, The government has started supplying food in the camp for two times a day i.e. in morning and in evening, but since I have three small children that always demand something to eat, the two meals that I get are just not enough for the needs of my family.” Upon providing the food items to her by the team of GPP and ARR Japan, the woman showed her gratitude by saying “I can only say thanks for your help at this time of need, I am hopeful that now I would be able provide enough for my children to eat.”

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