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Story of Parveen Begum MuzaffarGarh

Parveen Begum, a 35 years old pregnant woman at a spontaneous settlement formed Near Mehmood kot, a UC of Tehseel Kot Addu District Muzaffar Garh was living with her husband and four children in a small house. Her husband was a labor and she used to work as a maid to meet the expenses. She was providing education to her 02 children despite her poverty. She was suffering from acute shortage of food and lack of proper medical facilities. Being seven months pregnant and poor they already were in the situation with shortage of food items and almost non existent clean drinking water along with absence of proper medication was making survival more worse for her.

“I have 4 small children to take care of; my husband was employed on daily wages basis with a local employer, due to floods he has lost his job. We have already consumed the little savings we had during three initial days when we moved over here. Now we only wait for the relief assistance from Government and organizations to help us in fulfilling our food and clean drinking water needs” Shared the woman.

“The small tent we live in is just not enough for our needs as we also have to accommodate another family with us over here, the little food which is only available at times is not sufficient even for our children, me and my husband frequently have to skip meals so that our children could have enough to eat.” The woman revealed about her problems with tears in her eyes.

When the poor woman was offered with food items containing flour, rice, sugar, tea, pulses and cooking oil by the GPP and ARR Japan, she seemed at loss of words for thanking both of the organizations. “I believe GOD has sent you to provide the food for my little ones. I only have prayers in return of this help of yours, may GOD help you reach every needy person over here” she said while thanking both of the teams.

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"Please help us, it has been 14 days and we are compelled to reside in a broken tent on the embankment of this canal, there is no food, no clean drinking water and my only child is suffering from severe fever".


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