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Story of Razia bibi

Razia bibi, a dweller of Nowshera Kalan flood relief camp, Nowshera, watches every truck with the hope that it would bring some food for her son, for her old mother-in-law and for herself, but this hope was not fulfilled till the time GPP and ARR Japan team approached her. The poor girl looked broken and hopeless. Her bare foots, cloth less and hungry child and ill mother-in-law was showing the picture of her severe poverty and acute helplessness.

“For us three, life changed its meanings when my husband died a couple of months ago but we had never imagined that it would get this much worse. We have always been poor, but we have never been hungry, bare footed and cloth less as this flood has made us. The only hope we are left with is to wait for some outer help which now seems less likely to come” these were the words Razia bibi could initially come up with at her first interaction with the GPP and ARR Japan’s Staff.            

Sharing her sufferings, the girl told in trembling voice with tears bursting out of her eyes “Me and my family is not only being neglected by the aid providing NGO’s, we are also being neglected and denied any sort of help by the people residing with us in this camp. Every time when there is some food distribution, men folks end up getting multiple bags and we, along with other women headed families are just left watching the whole activity helplessly”

At the help offered to her by GPP and ARR Japan’s staff, she felt thankful and contended. “For my family you have come up like saviors, the starvation we had been facing for last so many days had only added to the weakness of my mother-in-law and of my only child. This help of you people would never go unconsidered and disregarded before the sight of GOD” She said.

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