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Global Peace Pioneers is pleased to announce that GPP Orphan House (Named as GPP Gharana (Home)) has opened. GPP is collecting funds to support this noble cause and we urge you to donate generously. In addition to the donations, you may refer an Orphan of 3-5 years of age so we can register him/her and keep the place reserved. 




GPP Orphan Centre is providing accommodation, food, clothing, education (both Islamic and General), health services. Our dedicated team will look after the orphans just like their parents and these team members (gaurdians) will be qualified to look after orphans.


GPP made connections with local schools, Islamic centres, hospitals and other rehabilitation centres to provide services to these orphans in collaboration with GPP. GPP vision is to make orphan feels being NOT AN ORPHAN.  

Human Interest Stories
Story of Naseem Bibi
"Please help us, it has been 14 days and we are compelled to reside in a broken tent on the embankment of this canal, there is no food, no clean drinking water and my only child is suffering from severe fever".


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