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Title : Distribution held in Bannu, Wazisitan by GPP on 11th July 2014
Published Date : 16 Jul 2014

In response to the Military Operation in Waziristan, GPP's Disaster Response Unit (DRU) decided to distribute the hygiene kits to the Internally Displaced People due to the operation based on Bannu. Our DRU team including Chairman Mr. Junaid Elahi, Operations Manager Ms. Fareeha Wasim, and Internee Mr. Sardar Badshah went to Bannu, Waziristan for the complete assessment of IDPs and need analysis. A rapid assessment is carried out in close coordination with Assistant Commission Captain Aurengzeb Haider. The main sources of information are the Key informants, humanitarian activist and transit walks, observations, Focused Group Discussions, Media reports and interaction with the IDPs Families in Bannu. GPP team has interviewed 20 males including youth, children and old people as well as females.


Upon the discussion held with local people and governmental officials, GPP disaster management team decided to distribute the relief assistance package (Hygiene Kits) among 500 most vulnerable families of Village Mandi khel, Kamtar khubai, Barat khel and Khan town – Union Council, Domail and Tehsil Domail District BANNU. The distribution was held in kind cooperation with the District Assistant Commissioner and other regulatory authorities.


Upon analysis we realised the need of Hygiene Kits, Food and more importantly Shelters. The latest report of National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), so far 36,831 families consisting of 456,508 persons (120,110 male, 143,996 female and 192,442 children) have been registered as IDPs in camps from North Waziristan Agency. Nearly 80 per cent of the displaced are women and children, which is a concern. Informal evaluation conducted by partners identified shelter, access to health facilities, and food as the priority needs.


For pictures please click here


The full report on distribution will be available soon.  

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