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Title : Peace Caravan - A Movement for PEACE
Published Date : 20 Mar 2015
GPP has launched a Peace Caravan on 20th March 2015 as a result of its core focus on peace since inception. Peace Caravan is a movement to bring people together from all faiths to let them live together with peace. The 2nd meeting of volunteers and GPP team for Peace Caravan volunteers took place as follows:

Venue: GPP Head Office (F-11/1)
Date: 05th June 2015
Time: 3pm to 4:30pm


A. Welcome
B. Members Registration
C. GPP and Peace Caravan Introduction
D. Presentation
E. Tea Break
F. Volunteers Membership Registration for the movement
G. Idea Sharing to take the movement further
H. Closure with Thanks

We thank all the volunteers for their support and joining us to promote PEACE.
NOTE: We will announce the next meeting date and time soon. For further information please contact us on 2100341 or email at 

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