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Title : Womens Day Celebration
Published Date : 09 Mar 2017

Islamabad Wednesday, March 08, 2017, Global Peace Pioneers GPP® celebrated International Woman’s Day. This year the theme of UN is “Be Bold for Change” rightly describes that God has given human rights and freedom to all. Woman has to be bold and strong enough for the change in their life.  On the commemoration and celebration of this day, Mr. Junaid Elahi – Chairman GPP said that it is an opportunity to honor the women and to look ahead to the untapped potential and opportunities for future generations of women.


Chairman said, every year we celebrated this day with new commitments and ideas. People, around the globe, are organizing exhibitions, walks, competitions, performances, ceremonies and so on to recognize the best practices in terms of gender equality and women’s empowerment. But this time there is a need to be more practical towards the real initiative as leaders. We need to re-think about long term and sustainable results; we need to make sure the participation of woman at all levels to build strong economy and healthy society whether in business, economy, politics, civic, or religion. Being leaders it is our responsibility to set the tone and the direction so that next generations can follow. He emphasized.


I believe that there are no shortcuts in life. Woman should stand for their rights by themselves. You need to empower yourself. Own your Worth. Speak your truth. You have to teach people how people treat you.  He calls upon Government to recognize the equal opportunity for woman in all sectors of life, there should be some Gender-sensitive policymaking so that woman can access equal resources as man. State and media must pay particular attention of social protection programs for woman. He urged.


The significant milestone was marked by GPP through initiating campaign, “Educate for Peace” through Mobile Learning Education program, 2017. The program aims to ensure at least 10,000 woman and children obtain basic literacy and technical education to secure their future generation and to create more civilized community. Additionally through M-Learning they will develop business skills so that they can become entrepreneurs and can generate income. Efforts, achievements and real life stories will be shared through the said APP.  He added.


The other members highlighted the message of “Gender Equality”, We need to support the gender equality a reality for sustainable building and nation.


In his dialect Mr. Elahi has thanked to all the stakeholders, board members, staff and community at large for supporting our woman empowerment program.

Towards the end he expressed the need for global unity one more time and it’s up to the common person to stand up to face the negative forces that is bent on causing great damage to world.


I urge all of you to join us in this mission to leave a better, peaceful world for our descendants.

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