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Peace Messages

At International Interfaith day (June 22, 2010):

It was a wonderful event. I wish you luck and hope to see more efforts like this to unite the nation. Thanks for Inviting me. (Nadia Kamran, Country Manager - Global School Partnership Program, British Council)

Good Luck and God bless all of you on your good work. (Edward Aquino, Country Director World Vision Pakistan)

I am pleased to see the marvelous efforts of this organization for the promotion of peace, tolerance, and tranquility in Pakistan. They way it is uniting people from all ethical and religious backgrounds at one platform is really impressive to see. I wish them best of luck for all of their good work. (Abdul Razzaq Channa, Ministry of Social Welfare, Islamabad)

International Women Day (March 10, 2010):

I appreciate the efforts of the young team of GPP in organizing this day of acute importance. It was really a pleasure to be here. (Professor Dr. Hafeez-ur-Rehman, Chairman Department of Anthropology, Quaid-e Azam University Islamabad)

It was an excellent event, very encouraging and motivating for the women folks of the society. I congratulate the team of GPP for organizing this event and I am thankful for them on giving me a chance to share my views with the brilliant younger lot of our society. (Kokab Iqbal, Senior Lawyer Supreme Court, Islamabad)

The way team of GPP is highlighting the plight of women in Pakistan and making its honest efforts to make a difference into their lives, I am hopeful that sooner or later, they would succeed in their struggle for emancipation of women in our society. (Maira Imran, Daily The News, Islamabad)

I am really encouraged to see these young people working towards tackling the challenges of our society so diligently. Their commitment towards work and deep understanding of the social issues prevailing in our society give me hopes that one day they would overcome all of the evils prevailing in our society. (Arshad Saeed Khan, Senior Educationist UNESCO Islamabad)

I appreciate the efforts of this organization for the cause of eradicating poverty and ensuring the women emancipation in context of finance and education. I wish them all the luck in their efforts. (Ms. Ann Godwin, International Faculty Trainer from International Association for Human Values)

It is nice to see that despite of being a relatively small organization the commitment of GPP towards helping the marginalized sections of society, particular women, is as strong as we have at UNIFEM. I wish them bets of luck in their struggle. (Mr. Sagheer Bukhari, Program Coordinator, UNIFEM, Islamabad)

I am glad to see such enthusiastic young people putting their best efforts to restore the rights of marginalized sections of our society. Its been really nice to be with them to celebrate such an important day. (Professor Dr. Riffat Haq, Head of Department for Gender Studies, Allama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad)

I enjoyed being here at the celebration of this important day. I am happy to see that how this organization is deeply concerned with restoration of the rights of women folks, keep up with the good work. (Ms. Rashida Sohail, Anchor Person, Pakistan Television Islamabad)

Social Justice Day, (February 20, 2010):

Efforts of GPP for highlighting the plight of neglected people of Pakistani society are worth appreciating. The way it is engaging youth and educated class in all of its activities, I am hopeful that soon a larger chunk of society would own and sport their splendid efforts. (Ms. Uzma Tahir, Action Aid, Pakistan)

Its nice to be a part of another important event celebrated at the premises of Global Peace Pioneers – GPP, I am impressed to see the commitment of the staff of the organization towards achieving its goal of bringing and maintaining peace through collective educated efforts. (Ms. Ann Godwin, International Faculty Trainer from International Association for Human Values)

I appreciate the young team of GPP for their untiring struggle, may God always bless them with success. (Mr. Arshad K Lodhi, Lawyer Supreme court Islamabad)

Hiroshima Nagasaki Day, (August 6, 2010):

It is indeed a pleasure to see this organization working under Hina Iqbal for the efforts of promoting peace in Pakistan and beyond. I wish them success in their struggle. (Senator Dr. Saeeda Iqbal)

Heartily congratulations on an excellent initiative – best of luck for the future. (Ms. Tahira Abdullah, development worker and human rights activist)

Today I happened to attend peace exhibition at the head office of GPP Islamabad. The efforts of these young people for promotion of peace, tolerance and tranquility in our society are indeed impressive. May God bless them with success in their cause and struggle. (Maulana Abdul Majeed Hazarvi)

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