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Sewing Centre to Empower Women

GPP is pleased to open another Sewing Center to empower women. GPP with its core focus on peace and having a sense to empower women to bring peace in society, another initiative to open Sewing Center in Ali Pur Farash (Islamabad) has been taken. The inauguration took place as follows:

Venue: Ali Pur Farash (Islamabad)
Date: 24th March 2015
Time: 2pm

The sewing centre has been Inaugurated by our following Chief Guests and GPP Chairman:

Mr. Muzammil Hussain Sabri
Chamber of Commerce

Ms. Saira Moazzam
First Women Bank

The reason for opening this centre is to empower women by giving them skills so that they can become Entrepreneur to earn money and can survive without depending on others. 
The centre is running very successfully and the number of trainees is increasing every day.
To view the reports, please log on to or contact us on 051 2100 341. 

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