GPP - Education Department

Achieving Millennium Development Goals for Literate Pakistan is the main agenda for this GPP is striving hard to focus this area because it is one of the strong tool to change the mind sets and bring people together for the noble and shared cause.



  • Eradication of illiteracy through formal and informal means for expansion of basic education through involvement of community
  • To enhance moral, cultural and spiritual values of education.
  • To foster basic values such as respect for others, responsibility, solidarity, harmony, tolerance, awareness about rights and obligations, creativity and integrity among children through civic education and Peace through Education programs and to enhance teaching methodology skills and improve the teacher's content knowledge through teacher's training programs.
  • To promote decentralization in education system and enhancing role for the community and parents in the management of school by strengthening Parent Teacher Associations.
  • School Partnership Program works to enhance the general ethos and well-being of the school



 GPP conducts the following activities in education with different schools and at community level:


School Partnership Program

Education being the main and most important Program of Global Peace Pioneers has always been of utmost importance at its part. Right from the inception of the organization it started working with different schools and initiated with awareness raising, fun and peace activities with them. Currently there are twenty (20) schools which are active members of School Partnership Program of GPP, ten (10) of which belong to grassroots communities while rest of them are well known private schools of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. GPP conducts interactive sessions, creative arts workshops, trainings and exposure visits of rural school to ICT schools.

Global Peace is proud to share their first initiate with British Council project Global school partnership program. Global School Partnerships aims to motivate young people’s commitment to a fairer, more sustainable world. Training reports with the teachers are available at:

 GPP has registered 05 schools from Ternol and has formed cluster of 10 schools which includes 04 school of Slums of ICT and 06 Christian schools. The list of the schools is as follows:

S.No Name of School Area Name
1 Star Public School Ternol Dhok Abbasi
2 Flower Land School Ternol-Dhok Abbasi
3 AL-Sufah School Ternol-Fateh Jang
4 Mishal Ilm School Ternol-Jhangi
5 Pakistan Model School Ternol-Itefaq Colony


Cluster Schools

1 Basic Nursery School Katchi Abadi-G-7/1
2 Bright Angels School Katchi Abadi G-8/1
3 Basic Public School Katchi Abadi G-8
4 Mishal School Ternol Faisal Colony
5 St. Helen’s School RWP
6 St. Francis School RWP
7 St. Francis School RWP
8 Khatoon e Fatima F-8/4
9 Secret Heart’s School RWP
10 Ilm RWP

2.    Civic Education

GPP has hands on experience on civic education and have conducted 30 sessions and the teachers of centers enjoy this program during class instructions. This program is very interactive and bases on role plays and refreshers. GPP Civic education teaches the teaching of knowledge, skills, and dispositions needed to become a responsible and effective citizen of a representative and constitutional democracy.

Teacher’s Capacity Building

Evolving curricula, learning materials, instructional methods, and evaluative techniques and working life of the learners Conducting Teacher’s Trainings program on regular basis for enhancing teaching methodology skills to achieve the objectives of quality education.
Before launching any of the said programs, GPP always enhance the capacity of its key stakeholders as they must be sensitized to get the better results of projects. GPP provides trainings to all the teachers regarding teaching, teaching methodology, teaching rules, civic education, peace building and socio- psycho care. Besides this, all the teachers are given the teachers kits.


3 Parent Teacher Association

GPP is working with 09 PTA’s. Establishing PTAs for each BECS (Basic education community school) in order to better address communal concerns and enhance coordination between teacher and parents. GPP works with the parents and coordinate with them so that child gets proper education in proper way.

4 BEC, Adult education and CFLS

GPP has good experience in running the Basic Education Centers, Adult education Centers and free Learning Space. Child Learning Spaces were of the part of Emergency Phase response of GPP. Following are the details of the said program

5 Grants and Aid Program with National Education Foundation

GPP is facilitating the grass root schools in collaboration with Ministry of Education for their Grants and Aid Program. GPP has targeted ten (10) grass roots schools from Katchi Abadi for their initial survey and with the support NEF and GPP will facilitate the schools with the grants to build the infrastructure of the schools.